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A law firm in Jeddah

The office operates in the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia economic city of Jeddah under license No. (329/32) and provides its services in the main areas of litigation, legal advice, arbitration and documentation and a number of detailed services

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Arbitration between the disputing / A representation of parties to the conflict

Legal Advice

Legal advice & the formulation of regulations and contracts

Trademark Registration

on behalf of the companies, institutions and individuals, register the distinctive trademarks

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Alsalamah Advocates and Legal Consultants

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What are the services provided through the website?

Many services provided through the site, such as

  • Request a consultation or contract and complete online without having to come to the office
  • When you register, you can follow the steps of your application
  • Follow up on your issues, meeting times, and updates
  • Electronic payment of fees and charges
  • Submit inquiry requests at any time
  • Many services through my account

How do I request a contract or consultation?

Just send the request by filling in the data and you will be answered through the email and contact and you can then follow the implementation steps or online

What is the method of charging fees in the office?

The Office shall collect its fees in cases according to the type and stage of the cases and the work performed.

What are the accepted payment methods?

  • Cash payment
  • Bank transfer
  • Electronic payment through the website with major credit cards

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Legal Advice

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