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Resolving disputes by arbitration

Resolving disputes by arbitration is common in the commercial sphere as in line both sides of the legal relationship contractual or non-contractual that are separated in the dispute which has already arisen between them or that are likely to arise, by persons selected as arbitrators as an alternative to the ordinary courts of the features for which such flexibility that allows the opponents composition appropriately to them and gives the freedom of parties to choose arbitrators who take over the arbitration process on their own, and is characterized by the arbitrators that they are the owners of different and specialized expertise has arbitration engineering and arbitrator be a certified engineer as an arbitrator in the field or industry, on the other hand is the speed one of the most important advantages of arbitration , It is no secret one of the suffering of the elimination of the very slow in separate disputes and resolve issues which result in a backlog of cases and thus delay separation of the case only after a period of up often to several years, leading to the slow progression of the dispute hence the jury in his ability to adjudicate in the case in advance of feature very standard compared in time it takes for the elimination, and the jury is characterized Bsrith which saves on the parties not to disclose trade secrets which declare that only could be a threat to their rights, a dispute that the judiciary, which is an asset of publicity and the safety Office Law Firm experience and ability on the separation between the parties of the relationship or take over the representation of one of the parties to the relationship work as a team took chapter in arbitration issues, engineering and took a number of industrial and real estate issues of the conflict

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