Trademark Registration

Trademark registration services

Distinctive registration and documentation services

We, on behalf of the companies, institutions and individuals, register the distinctive trademarks of the Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia and more than 80 countries around the world through our partners

Registration processes:
  1. Make a copy of the brand
  2. Choose the category or categories for which you want to register your trademark
  3. Check the mark of no conflicts of interest with other customers
  4. Prepare a delegation agency according to the specific form of representation of the establishment
  5. Application for registration of the trademark in the Ministry of Commerce
  6. Payment of government fees (1000) saudi riyals against the application
  7. Follow up the trademark examination within seven business days
  8. Publish the trademark for a period of ninety days
  9. If the application is accepted, a government fee (3000 saudi riyals) will be paid for registering the trademark in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and its reserves for 10 years
  10. Issuing a certificate from the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Industry stating registration of the trademark
Interception and protest services:

The Office shall represent the enterprises in objecting to the prohibition of registration or representation of trademarks in cases against fraud, infringement or unauthorized use.

The Office also provides advice on the licensing of trademark use and the drafting of legal contracts governing it

If you wish to take a specific action, the lawyers at the Peace Advocacy Office are fully prepared to assist you.

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